The Subtle Art of Dying

What if the key to a thriving society lies in the wisdom to know when to step aside?

The Subtle Art of Dying

Imagine the transformative power of leaders who prioritize the greater good over personal legacy, of individuals who view the end of life as a natural, dignified transition, and of entities that gracefully bow out when their mission is complete, or outdated.

The Decelerator

A UK-based consultancy service that "support organisations and individuals to anticipate and design closures, mergers, CEO transitions, programming ends, and all sorts of endings as just part of the everyday life of organisations and inevitable cycles of change in civil society."

The Decelerator

MSc Strategy and Design for the Anthropocene

Jointly offered by the ESC Clermont School of Management and Strate Ecole de Design Lyon: "It' is the first diploma in the world with an operational focus that takes the Anthropocene as its framework and starting point. This Master of Science aims to train in ecological redirection, acknowledging the outdated nature of approaches such as green growth (decoupling paradigm), sustainable development or CSR (compensation paradigm)."

MSc Stratégie & Design dans l’anthropocène : Curriculum

EXIT association

A non-profit organization in Switzerland that advocates for the right to die with dignity. It was founded in 1982 and provides assisted suicide services to its members who meet certain criteria

Who is EXIT?
20 Jahre EXIT Deutsche Schweiz: Die Vereinigung für humanes Sterben wurde 1982 gegründet. Der politisch und konfessionell neutrale Verein kämpft für das Selbstbestimmungsrecht des Menschen im Leben und Sterben und unterstützt die Mitglieder bei der Durchsetzung dieses Rechts.

Be reallllllllllllly kind, compost yourself!

Recompose is a full-service funeral home specialized in human composting. Originally conceived by founder Katrina Spade, human composting was developed by Recompose over years of rigorous research and design. The biological process mimics the earth’s natural cycles and is similar to what occurs on the forest floor as organic material decomposes and becomes topsoil. Human composting is powered by beneficial microbes that occur naturally on our bodies and in the environment.

Human Composting | Ecological Death Care | Recompose
As the first human composting facility in the world, we’re a trusted leader in ecological death care and a licensed green funeral home. Learn about our services.

How to use that?

"How will you know that it's time for you to go?" - Perfect opener for a dinner with a step-parent.