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Why not simply sharing that on social media?

Are you fucking serious?

Who's the audience?

You. And a couple of other lost visitors.

Who are you?

I'm marius. Nice to meet you.

What about copyrights?

I strive to ensure that downloadable resources on futura.farm are not protected by copyright, but if you find any infringement, please contact me first.

The mirror links provided for downloads are here to prevent broken links and ensure the availability of valuable resources that may no longer be maintained due to resource constraints. While I endeavor to keep these resources accessible, I encourage you to use the original download links when possible. If you are the creator and the mirror poses an issue, please contact me.

Why not having more / better pictures?

To minimize the digital footprint! Futura.farm is primarily a curated directory of existing information. Therefore, there is no need to duplicate original content (except when there are reasonable concerns that the original content may disappear). Necessary pictures are dithered (except when it can negatively impact understanding). If you're interested in more information or pictures, please browse the original sources.

What's your carbon footprint?

Futura.farm achieves a carbon rating of A, which is cleaner than 87% of all web pages globally. On average, 0.14g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits this web page.

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