Redesigning Scrabble

Making it less competitive

Redesigning Scrabble

Mattel launched a new version of Scrabble called "Scrabble Together" to make the game more accessible and less intimidating for those who find traditional word games too competitive. The key reasons are:

  1. To appeal to younger generations, particularly Gen Z, who prefer collaborative gameplay over competition according to Mattel's research. The new version allows players to form teams and work together towards shared goals instead of competing against each other.
  2. To provide a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for casual players who may feel overwhelmed by the competitive nature of classic Scrabble. Scrabble Together has a simplified scoring system, helper cards to assist with forming words, and a quicker gameplay pace.
  3. To make the game more inclusive and inviting for those who have felt intimidated by the traditional version's emphasis on extensive vocabulary knowledge. The new mode focuses more on teamwork, creativity with words, and achieving predefined objectives rather than maximizing individual scores.
  4. To introduce an alternative cooperative mode without altering the classic rules of Scrabble. The new board is double-sided, with one side featuring the original competitive gameplay and the other side offering the collaborative "Together" mode.


Scrabble: Mattel launches new version of game which is ‘less competitive’
Mattel says the new board is designed to be accessible for those who find word games intimidating.